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Suneel Dhand MD

Hello. I’m Dr. Suneel Dhand, and I’m a medical doctor specializing in Internal & Lifestyle Medicine with a focus on Metabolic Health and Natural Medicine.
Our healthcare and medical system has become corrupted and is failing millions of people. Are you sick of it? Well, I want to teach real physical and mental health, how to Beat our corrupted Establishment that financially benefits from people being physically and mentally sick, and how you can Stay Away from Mainstream Medicine. Enroll in my online school to learn evidence-based health approaches you don’t hear anywhere else.
A little bit more about me: I was born in London, England and grew up in Berkshire. I went to Medical School at Cardiff University and then hopped across the pond, completing my Internal Medicine residency in Baltimore. I’ve since worked up and down the east coast, and am now based in the northeast part of the USA. My passion is health and wellbeing education, and that’s why I do what I do…